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yunis is a young producer raised in Hamburg's Big Bass scene, now working from his studio in an industrial area at the edge of Berlin. Over the last few years, yunis has quietly attained a loyal international following, built on the strength of his releases, rather than image politics or social media gimmicks. yunis' productions shift from deconstructed, shivering Hip Hop beats to deeply melodic Bass compositions, transforming with every new collaborator, as well as his ever-evolving abilities in translating his ideas to music.


While he is not a household name yet, he is undoubtedly one of the hardest-working beatmakers in Germany, collaborating with Mad Zach, Subp Yao, Killa Kela, Bukez Finezt, Pacific Patterns, um.., Holly and Chee, to name a select few, as well as a slew of vocalists, rappers and other producers. His live sets are thick with his own, deafening club edits and exclusives, and he has made appearances at festivals and clubs across Europe and the US. 

yunis is supported by G Jones, Bassnectar, Ivy Lab, Bleep Bloop and Noisia, among others, and has been heavily featured on Bassrush, Run The Trap, NestHQ, YourEDM and more.